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Call your U.S. senators NOW to reject Pompeo as head of the CIA


The Senate vote to approve Mike Pompeo, the nominee slated to head the CIA, is now expected be held on Monday. Pompeo has a sinister way of thinking that is based on evangelical Christian notions. 

Take action now and call or email your U.S. senators and tell them to vote against Pompeo, who is unfit to lead the country's intelligence agency. Keep reading for further details. 

We are pleased to announce that we will be using a new program so that taking action is more convenient for you! 

In a speech to a Witchita congregation in 2015, the Kansas congressman expressed his belief that to worship "our lord" and celebrate America in the government is not just a right but "our duty." He bemoaned the supposed official campaign to "rip faith from our schools" and then went on to describe the threat of jihadi terrorism as he saw it: "This evil is all around us." Pompeo concluded by describing politics as "a never-ending struggle ... until the rapture."

It is not "our duty" to "worship our lord." Quite to the contrary, the United States of America was founded as a secular country and remains one — a nation where every individual has the right to worship whomever he or she pleases or choose not to worship at all. This is the right that the Freedom From Religion Foundation was founded to protect and continues to diligently defend with all its might.

Pompeo's referrence to the "never-ending struggle ... until the rapture" is alarming. Putting a person with such an outlook in control of our premier intelligence agency would be dangerous.

Pompeo's views have led him to align with fringe conspiracy theorists such as Frank Gaffney, who has become notorious for far-fetched beliefs about Muslim penetration of the Obama administration. These alliances make Pompeo unsuitable for such a powerful policy position.

A person of his worldview should not be allowed to supervise the gathering of information upon which U.S. foreign policy will be based in the coming years.


We are pleased to announce that we will be using a new program so that taking action is more convenient for you! The message box is already filled in for you, but feel free to personalize your message to make it more effective. 

Click here to call or email your U.S. senators now to ask them to vote against confirming Pomeo as CIA director.


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