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Call your senators now to oppose zealous CIA nominee

Please act now to thwart Pompeo for CIA on state/church grounds


As Michael Moore at the Women's March on Washington said, "We have to get busy, folks. We have a lot of work ahead of us." The Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker gave marchers a "to do" list, including calling Congress every day!

We won't be asking you in these national action alerts to quite do that, but in the next week or two we'll be periodically requesting you to contact your two U.S. senators to oppose several of Trump's cabinet nominees who are outright religious zealots and opponents of state/church separation.

Just click on the contact link below and we'll put you in direct touch with your two senators and their phone numbers and emails. It's always most effective to phone, then follow up with the email (we've already written suggested language, but please change it up to make it more effective if you have time).

Click here to contact your senators. 

Brief background on Pompeo:

Mike Pompeo, Trump's nominee to head the CIA, is a fundamentalist extremist who decries separation of government and religion, and opines there will be "evil all around us" until "the rapture." Scary stuff coming out of the mouth of someone in charge of our intelligence agency. He views foreign policy "as a vehicle for holy war," as Slate's Michelle Goldberg puts it. 

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