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Please tell Senate to reject evangelization of public schools

1DevosThumbnailWe need to thwart the evisceration of our secular public school system!

The Senate vote to approve Betsy DeVos for the head of the Department of Education is currently set to take place on Tuesday, Jan. 31. Of all the cabinet nominees we have asked you to take action against, DeVos is the most fundamentally threatening to FFRF's purpose because she would head the Education Department. The public's ability to act with reason and accept fact is directly correlated with the quality of the public school system.

Take action immediately by contacting your U.S. senators to ask them to vote against DeVos, who would poison our nation's secular education. Please call and email if you can. Our automated contact system takes just a minute of your time!

DeVos has crusaded the push to publically fund vouchers for private, primarily Christian, schools. This system dumps hundreds of millions of taxpayer money into private religious schools under the code words "school choice". DeVos is herself a Christian evangelist who has feverously opposed gay rights and bemoaned the supposed replacement of churches with public schools

If federal funding is used to "advance God's Kingdom" in schools, to use DeVos' words, our secular public school system will begin to decay at its foundation. The degree to which secular public schools are valued reflects the degree to which knowledge, facts and reason are valued and fostered. Intellectual truth must not be replaced with blind faith, or else America's secular republic and democracy will collapse.

Click here to directly phone and email your U.S. senators in a quick two-step procedure. This link will take you to the number to call for your senators. The phone number at the top of the page changes as you click on the name of each senator.


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