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Speak out against draft order that licenses religious discrimination

"It's proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties," as James Madison advised.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is taking alarm today at the leaked proposal for a sweeping presidential executive order on "religious freedom" that would legalize discrimination in a multileveled assault on the separation of state and church. You should be alarmed, too.

Below is a brief summary of the proposal. We provide a link making it easy for you to call President Trump. Please act now! Make use also of social media and letters to the editor to educate the public on this unconstitutional executive order that is a tyrannical violation of the First Amendment.

The leaked draft of the executive order recklessly redefines "religious freedom" as a free pass allowing a person or corporation to violate a citizen's rights. Trump's misinterpretation of the Constitution -- urged by extreme religious rights organizations, his vice president, and likely some of his cabinet nominees — would dismantle civil rights and equal distribution of justice under the law.

This proposal would give government employees and private organizations fulfilling a government role the right to discriminate based on personal religious beliefs, opening up the possibility that millions of Americans will be unable to receive necessary services from their government.

This sweeping change would affect every type of government benefit.

Furthermore, the drafted executive order prevents the IRS from enforcing the Johnson Amendment under which churches cannot endorse political candidates because of their tax-exempt status. Without the amendment, which Trump recently pledged to "totally destroy", churches, financial black holes, could dump their untraced and untaxed money into political campaigns turning religious denominations into PACs.


Call and E-mail the White House to ask President Trump not to go forward with this proposal using our quick two-step automated system.

You can also try to use this White House comment line to contact the administration.


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