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Tell Statehouse to dump resolution

Ask Arkansas Assembly to rescind “bible as state book” resolution

An outrageous resolution to designate the bible as the Arkansas state book has been approved by your state Assembly. Please take action against this unconstitutional action by zealous legislators to force Christianity upon Arkansas citizens, regardless of their religious — or nonreligious — preferences.

House Resolution 1047 unconstitutionally "supports the naming of the Bible, published in any recognized version, as the official book of the State of Arkansas." This "book of truth" is rife with violence, misogyny, homophobia, genocide, slavery, bad science and intolerance toward nonbelievers. The state of Arkansas should have no trouble choosing a more appropriate state book that creates no First Amendment conflicts, since it has been the home of renowned authors such as Maya Angelou and Dee Brown.

Please take action asking the Arkansas House to rescind this wholly inappropriate and foolish resolution.


HR 1047 has been approved by the Arkansas House. Please call and/or email your state representative today asking him or her to rescind this offensive resolution, which promotes the views of bible-thumping theocrats. (We also encourage you to speak out against it on social media and in a letter to your editor.)

Let our simple automated contact system contact your representative for you via phone or email. The wording in the automated comment section is editable. Please feel free to add your own thoughts to personalize the message text, subject heading or signature.

(Keep reading if you wish to learn more about the bill.)


HR 1047 violates the constitutional separation of church and state by promoting one religious book over others and religion generally over nonreligion. This is not the government's role. Encouraging citizens to read and learn from the bible is not a goal to be pursued by those holding secular public positions.

Religious faith is a matter for private conscience, not state endorsement. In his decision upholding the Freedom From Religion Foundation's challenge of Christian indoctrination in Rhea County public schools in Tennessee, Chief U.S. District Judge R. Allan Edgar noted: "A state-created orthodoxy puts at grave risk freedom of belief and conscience, which is the sole assurance that religious faith is real, not imposed." 

The Arkansas State Assembly must stop attempting to foist Christianity upon the residents of the state and start working to address their real needs.


Arkansas representative files bill that supports making the bible the state book

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