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December 2017

It’s all OK: FFRF earns victories in Oklahoma By Molly Hanson · Arkansas violations get cleared up by FFRF by Molly Hanson · Taking care of business in Lone Star state by Molly Hanson · Judge orders Lehigh County to abandon seal · FFRF files brief against baker · School board prayer case enters a new stage · Judge should ‘nullify’ housing allowance · FFRF to hoist flag in N.H. to protest religious display · FFRF gets legal backing in Florida cross case · Judge dismisses suit after FFRF forces suspension of bible class · Volunteer extraordinaire Nora Cusack · Happy retirement to AU’s Barry Lynn · Looking to donate to FFRF? Here’s how! · Better late than never by Colin Edward McNamara · Social media helps stop pre-meeting prayers · Pre-play announcement now more welcoming · Nonbelief Relief aids refugees, Puerto Rico · FFRF referenced in Dan Brown’s latest bestseller · Atheists sound off in Secular Town Hall By Alec Loftus · Freethought alive and well in Central America by Dan Barker · Air Force vet Clem Wiechecki dies · Crankmail · Finding peace- Letting go of a lifetime of religious guilt By Jackie Brown · Bangladeshi atheist blogger fears for his life By Himu Brown · FFRF convention speech Metamorphosis: From incubation to organization by Kimberly Veal · The (further) rise of Christian nationalism by Michelle Goldberg · Read more »

November 2017

FFRF scolds Gov. Bevin · FFRF award-winner sues high school · Trump’s contraception order is ‘religious liberty’ run amok · States side with appeal of cross decision · ‘Religious liberty protections’ to create chaos · FFRF victories by Molly Hanson · Judge rules against Barker on House invocation · FFRF wins housing allowance challenge · Sixth Place Graduate/‘Older’ Student Essay: Death and deceit: The effects of the imposition of religion by Ayoola White · Fifth Place Graduate/‘Older’ Student Essay: The expansion of religious influence in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case by Michael Crawford · Fourth Place Graduate/‘Older’ Student Essay: We are all different by Kelly O’Hay · Third Place Graduate/‘Older’ Student Essay: Sincerely held oppressive beliefs by Jamie L. Pizzi · Second Place Graduate/‘Older’ Student Essay: An awful form of religious liberty by Isaac Haniff · First Place Graduate/‘Older’ Student Essay: The meaning of religious liberty by Alexander Reamy · FFRF awards $9,450 to 2017 Essay Contest for Graduate/‘Older’ Students · FFRF’s Forward Award recipient: Right-wing Christianity in the age of Trump by Katha Pollitt · Ship it! FFRF office assistant handles various support tasks · Volunteering for RAM an eye-opening experience by Jackie Douglas · How great thine art! by Scott Burdick · Post-debate banter can be exhausting by Dan Barker · In Memoriam: Life Member Helen Posey dies at 101 · In Memoriam: Harlan Hayes was Army officer, forester · In Memoriam: Barbara Blaine by Annie Laurie Gaylor · FFRF Graduate Student Essays honorable mentions · Judge rules against cross on county seal · Florida board must allow atheist invocation · Post-debate banter can be exhausting · Read more »

October 2017

Ron Reagan ad returns to ‘Rachel Maddow Show’ · FFRF awards $11,200 to 2017 essay contest for college students · Utah school pledges to follow Constitution · Bible verse removed from school · FFRF helps relieve ‘Aimless’ prisoners · Hoosier favorite state-church protector? FFRF! · FFRF victories by Molly Hanson · FFRF calls out Sixth Circuit for prayer ruling · Coach prayer ruling by 9th Circuit lauded · FFRF files Supreme Court brief against travel ban · South Dakota prison gets freethought books · FFRF questions transfer of park land with cross · FFRF tells Rubio to silence his bible tweets · Washington county opens invocations to all · Number of white Christians shrinking in U.S · Nonbelief Relief awards over $100K in aid · Government free from religion is best by Dan Barker · FFRF improves experience online for our members by Tim Nott · Crankmail · This is what happens in a voucher school by Marianne Arini · What ‘government schools’ critics really mean by Katherine Stewart · FFRF College Student Essays honorable mentions · 2017 Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest Sixth Place By Kaylee Payne · 2017 Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest Fifth Place By Violet Richardson · 2017 Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest Fourth Place (tie) By Gabrielle Goldworm · 2017 Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest Fourth Place (tie) By Hampton Gibson · 2017 Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest Third Place By Jamie Moffa · 2017 Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest Second Place By Jacey Anderson · 2017 Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest First Place By Max Stinson  · Meet a Member: Space enthusiast embraces life, wisdom with Gill Gregory Kanel · Who’s to blame for natural disasters? By PJ Slinger · Norma Cunningham to celebrate 100th birthday! · Timely FFRF suit proceeds against church politicking · Freethought wedding of Joan and Steve · Read more »

September 2017

FFRF aided in church-funding case · FFRF condemns Berkeley radio station for disinviting Dawkins · White House bible study a big waste to taxpayers · Ark park transfers land back to for-profit entity · Christians are more likely to blame poverty on effort · Anti-atheist bias still exists over morality · Taxpayers on hook for ‘pro bono’ lawsuits: By Andrew L. Seidel · Freedom from religion safeguards liberty · Freethinking perilous in a non-free country · Good News Club may get bad news · Climate change is a state/church issue · Freethinkers are winning struggle for America’s soul: By James A. Haught · Scopes trial narrative would be same today: By John de Lancie · Crankmail · FFRF Student Essays honorable mentions: Tori Roberts, Alexander Hernandez, Hannah Hanson, Aya Keller, Phoebe Greene, Alisha Griffin, Audrey Godwin, Donald Fasce, Luke Makram, Lindsay Philcox, Taryn Waite · Sixth place: A Scout’s revelations by Quinn Friedl · Fifth place: Yes, I know I’m going to hell by Ian Garvie · Fourth place: Horrors of religion can’t be justified by Evan Muskopf · Second place: Tragedy was catalyst for understanding by Allison Wheeler · First place: Stepping off the tightrope by Zakaria Sharif · FFRF awards $10,150: 2017 Essay Contest for High School Students · FFRF Victories: By Molly Hanson · ‘You’re Sued!’ ad debuts · ‘You’re Sued!’ ad debuts · Black atheists: A minority within a minority by Brandon Withrow · FFRF awards $10,000: Four earn Catherine Fahringer scholarships · Videographer gives FFRF more exposure · Longtime pastor loses his religion · Read more »

August 2017

Iowa city changes prayer process · Judge: Cross in park must come down · FFRF’s interns help keep up the fight · Meet a Member: Lee Parks - Motorcycles, freethought keep him revved up · Well, this is an Unpleasant website · FFRF awards $10,050 in 2017 Essay Contest for Students of Color winners · Darrow and Bryan are back together again: By Andrew Kersten · Monumental ideas: By Dan Barker · Clarence Darrow: An ‘immortal’ By Annie Laurie Gaylor · Darrow takes rightful place at courthouse By PJ Slinger · In the News · Nonreligious seem to be gaining worldwide · What other media wrote · FFRF blasts Trinity Lutheran decision · Commandments monument up less than a day gets destroyed · FFRF Victories By Molly Hanson · FFRF asks that appeals court upholds decision · Legal department of FFRF expands · Religious signs raise concerns in Wisconsin · N.J. Supreme Court to hear FFRF case · Sweeney joins FFRF convention lineup · Secular Invocation: Robert Ridgard · Crankmail · Eric Stone was dedicated scientist, atheist · FFRF Students of Color honorable mentions · FFRF Students of Color Essay Contest Sixth Place (TIE): This is what I’d like Christians to know: By Sarah Espada · FFRF Students of Color Essay Contest Sixth Place (TIE): A moral and ethical rejection of religion: By Evann Bailey · FFRF Students of Color Essay Contest Fifth Place: I believe in humanity, equality, doing good: By Celestina Garcia · FFRF Students of Color Essay Contest Fourth Place: In whom do I trust? By Lizeth Ortega-Luna · FFRF Students of Color Essay Contest Third Place: Alone in the universe and that’s all right: By Lauren Greenlee · FFRF Students of Color Essay Contest First Place: Breaking the chains: By Lydia Mason · Sheer fortitude · Study: Atheists have higher intelligence than the religious · Congress trying to thwart the Johnson Amendment · Religious conservatives denounce cross decision By PJ Slinger · Read more »

June/July 2017

Bible program suspended in West Virginia · ‘Religious liberty’ executive order faces legal challenge · Ethics violations by Texas AG Paxton? · California school board appeals FFRF’s suit win · FFRF, others support atheist legislator · Record few believe bible is literal word of God · Maine Senate wrong to deny invocation · FFRF offers ‘atheist’ badge for Boy Scouts · Trump budget a disaster for public education, says FFRF · FFRF Victories By Molly Hanson · Blasphemy! The dangers of speaking out · FFRF runs ad in NY Times · ‘Does everyone here really believe this stuff?’ By Tom Cara · Coffee distribution, poetry, horses, and Oxford commas By Kristina Daleiden · Join FFRF for Darrow celebration · Freedom of Expression conference set for July · Barker schools Fox News’ Carlson · Why did FFRF sue Trump, when others didn’t? · Time to update Rockwell’s Four Freedoms By Karl Albrecht · Cliff Richards Memorial Student Activist Award: By Ashlynn Bradley · Richard & Beverly Hermsen Student Activist Award: By Jack Doe · Allen P. Wilkinson Student Activist Award: By Seth Manning · Paul J. Gaylor Memorial Student Activist Scholarship: By Peter Opitz · Why Millennial women are embracing atheism: By Kyle Fitzpatrick · FFRF dissects Trump’s Liberty U speech · In Memoriam: L.R. Koukal · Douglas Brassil leaves FFRF generous bequest · Crankmail · Secular Invocation: Ed Sweeney · FFRF convention lineup nearly finalized! · Read more »

May 2017

Donations in Pence’s name now over $100K · Schools’ troubled history with religion continues: By Linda K. Wertheimer · Amazing couple seed student award, legal fellowships · Close encounters of the creationist kind: By Andrew Seidel · Take a freethinking Bahamas cruise in 2018! · FFRF supports the Johnson Amendment · Church may form own police force? · Supreme Court leans over slippery slope · Texas Gov. Abbott files for protective order in FFRF case · FFRF Victories By Molly Hanson · Nonbelief Relief gives $10K to combat famine · FFRF & Denver chapter place 12 billboards · FFRF sends rebuttal to Air National Guard · Two Ohio officials sacrifice their jobs to uphold First Amendment · FFRF protests NASA religious grant · Are one-quarter of Americans atheists? · Crosses removed from public school windows By Jeremy Wood · Darrow statue to inherit the lawn · Poundstone joins lively lineup at convention · Taking on the Internal Revenue Service · FFRF’s convention: All you need to know · Secular Invocation: Justin Scott · Crankmail · In Memoriam: Mildred Fischer was author, teacher, editor · In Memoriam: Clara Johnson, a ‘dynamo,’ dies at 92 · ‘Why doesn’t FFRF go after Muslims?’ By Andrew Seidel · Thomas Jefferson Student Activist Award Nicole Niebler’s activism sprang from ‘aha’ moment · Richard and Beverly Hermsen Student Activist Award: Harassed for questioning of authority - By Cidney Fisk · Thomas W. Jendrock Student Activist Award: Speaking up started early for Kelly Helton · Safe and legal abortion is, in fact, pro-life: By Ingrid Andersson · Vandalism not unexpected outside Creation Museum By Jim Helton · A meeting of the freethinking minds · Sign up for FFRF Darrow celebration July 13 in Chattanooga · Anthropolo-gee, this is interesting! By Sue Kocher · How I won $1,000 betting on the Antichrist By Derek Mathias · Read more »

April 2017

Evangelicals feel discriminated against · FFRF Victories by Molly Hanson · FFRF dashes school’s religious events · FFRF wants blasphemy ordinance struck down · Oppose bible as W.Va. 'state book' · FFRF objects to cross in Florida city hall · Reagan ad airs on MSNBC · Church-funding case being appealed · FFRF’s student essay competitions offer $30K · Vouchers bad for students, taxpayers · FFRF wins Indiana nativity performance suit · Seeking Capitol gains: FFRF attorneys lobby in D.C. to advance secular issues By Sam Grover and Patrick Elliott · FFRF sues Texas judge over prayers in courtroom · FFRF’s 40th national convention: Join us for an unbelievably good time · Secular Invocation: Melissa Tate Waterloo · Secular Invocation: Tom Waddell · In Memoriam: Scott Rosien · In Memoriam: Ted Annenberg · They’re playing our secular song By Jeff Brinckman · Be loud and proud of your freethinking: By Eryn Johnson · A secular state is best for all citizens By Michael Nugent · Gorsuch: No assisted suicide or abortion? By Dan Barker · Meet a Member: Helping to fight religious fundamentalism: Henry (Hank) Zumach · FFRF convention speech: The origin of the Henry Zumach Award · FFRF convention speech: On truth, transparency and saying grace: By Daniel C. Dennett · Crankmail · Freethought Heroine Award: A brush with death paints joyous life by Lauri Lebo · FFRF’s Strong Backbone Student Activist Award: Sitting down for her rights by Cierra Fields · Philosophy is his drive, love is his goal · Read more »

March 2017

FFRF apprehensive about Gorsuch as court nominee · Church politicking would undermine our republic · In the News · 32% say you need to be Christian to be American · Many believe God directly involved in sports, politics · Town backtracks on removal of veterans cross memorial · No more pizza topped with extra Christianity · FFRF hails new bill to fight discrimination · March for Science set for April 22 · Case gets national TV coverage · ‘Bibles in School’ lawsuit brings media attention · City settles with FFRF · Monument to be moved from school · Cross taken down at park - Santa Clara finally settles with FFRF over lawsuit · Evangelicals inconsistent on animal care - By Brian Bolton · ‘My journey started with questions’ - Linda Allewalt · Emperor Has No Clothes award - Seeking the unseen: Gravitational waves - By Lawrence Krauss · Crankmail · Out of the Closet Atheist award - Becoming an ‘Unapologetic Black Atheist’ - Nadia Duncan · FFRF Victories - By Molly Hanson · Wisconsin shows bad consequences of school vouchers - By Patrick Elliott · Sign up now for FFRF's 40th convention · Roerden’s activism isn’t by the book - By Chris Roerden · Mayor’s ‘Jesus’ sign removed · Christian bench removed from VA center · FFRF Board chair gets church sign covered · D.C. Women’s March a unifying voice of reason - By Alyssa Schaefer · In Memoriam - FFRF founder’s sister-in-law dies - Alice Nicol · In Memoriam - Nat Hentoff was prolific writer, civil libertarian · In Memoriam - Extraordinary life and obit - Kay Ann Heggestad · In Memoriam - Warren Allen Smith was atheist in foxhole · Read more »

January/February 2017

Bill of Rights censorship case continues · FFRF applauds law protecting nontheists · FFRF stands with Planned Parenthood · Judge halts transgender, abortion protections · Court: ‘In God We Trust’ no burden to atheists · Evangelicals trust religion more than science · FFRF requested Trump hold secular inauguration · U.S. Christians less educated than ‘Nones’ · ‘Nones’ far underrepresented · Legal Victories: By Molly Hanson · FFRF messes with Texas — and wins: By Molly Hanson · Trump’s picks a threat to church/state issues · Trump’s court appointees could linger for generations: By Annie Laurie Gaylor · FFRF takes a stand against theocrats · FFRF files eight lawsuits · FFRF wins four lawsuits · Crankmail · Joseph Padula made ‘world better’ · Noted botanist Hugh Iltis helped get DDT banned · Polly Rothstein was abortion, health-care rights activist · Will my marriage be constitutional? By Jimmy Holcomb · Adventures with my atheist cap: By Carl Scheiman · McCollum bumps into Darwin · Here’s how to increase our political clout: Susan Jacoby · Evolution and atheism: Best friends forever: Jerry Coyne · We need your help in restoring vandalized banners · Vandals can’t keep up with activist member: Preston Smith · FFRF earns over 260 victories in ’16: By Rebecca Markert · Clerical assistant enjoys making the world a better place: Renee Oberhart · Words of wisdom for 2017 · On the origin of a name: Darwin Soder · Freethought Today has a new look · Your dues help stop their don’ts! · FFRF sues to abolish W.Va. bible classes · Read more »

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